What is the purpose of this website ? This website at domain WapGlo.com provides a collection of videos on different generes for viewing on mobile phones and laptops. We however not allow users to download and/or transform the content in other formats. Users are allowed to watch/play the videos on their browsers. How do you list videos. Videos are listed using Youtube data API and also video embeds, video thumbnails and streaming url are also taken derived from the youtube API. Why we should prefer your website over youtube. Youtube is a very large website, We are just showing some videos from it but we believe that some users may found our website useful for it simple interface and easy video playback options and fast loading on slow connections. I am a user at youtube, I dont want my videos to appear on this website. You can do this setting in your user account at YouTube itself. If you disable embed option in your video neither we nor any other will be able to show your videos. We respect video settings and we dont show videos which are not available to embed. I dont want to read all this, I want my video removed right now ? Dont worry we have taken care of you. you can remove your video or disable all videos from showing on this website by your channel just by filling out a form or using DMCA. Please read DMCA policy and more better send us a email, and we will take care of that as soon as possible.
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